Parachute Rigger


Learn to become an FAA certificated parachute rigger by taking the Summit Parachute Systems rigging course. 

The course is an intensive 6-day long course that encompasses everything you will need to know to pass the written and practical exams administered by the FAA.


Loft Gear:

Harness/ Containers:

UPT Vector3

Sunpath Javelin

Jump Shack Racer

SWS Fire 2

Summit Pilot Back, Seat, Chest

Reserve Parachutes: 

PD Optimum

Aerodyne Smart

Flight Concepts 


Parachute Labs

Free Flight


Loft Equipment:

Sewing Machines:

Singer 7-14 Super Heavy Duty

Brother LK3-B430 Tacker

Consew 339 Double Needle

Consew 199 Zig Zag

Seiko SKH- 8LBD Walking Foot

Juki-555 Medium Duty


Acrylic Cutting surface 72" x 36"

Stimpson Grommet Press

Parachute Hanging Inspection Rack


The course starts out with 4 days of packing reserve parachutes. Each day the candidate will be challenged with packing 5 reserve parachutes. 

Each day a new parachute system will be introduced. The course relies on the candidate receiving knowledge on a variety of types of equipment.

The course will teach each candidate the use of up to 6 different sewing machines. Cutting of materials and use of special hardware.

The final day simulates what one will experience during the FAA parachute rigger practical test.


1. Oral knowledge of the parachute riggers handbook and FAA part 65.


2. Packing a parachute system in accordance with the manufacture. 


3. Performing a minor repair by sewing a patch in accordance with industry-standard construction and materials.

Leah using a positive leverage device while closing a Fire 2